Thursday, July 28, 2011

3rd Annual July St. George Trip

This last, holiday, weekend, I headed down to St. George with some of the same folks that I've gone down with each of the last 2 years for a trip to Tuacahn (outdoor theater) and some other St. George-y fun.  Brandon and I picked up Laci and Julie-Ann Friday after work and we headed down to St. George. Despite being Friday of a holiday weekend, traffic wasn't too bad, except for the time when I said "wow there doesn't seem to be any traffic" and we immediately found ourselves in a traffic jam. :) We made it to Brandon's grandparents' place around 11 and set up for bedtime and got to bed before too long.

We got up reasonably early on Saturday morning (I woke up when the sun came blazing in the window directly on to my face.) and headed out for breakfast at a place called "The Egg and I" that was pretty good, and then drove out to Sand Hollow for our annual swimming and cliff jumping excursion. I didn't cliff jump the first year, and last year I only went twice I think. This year, I jumped 4 or 5 times and in the process managed to upset my sinuses. Probably something with the pressure changes.  In any case, that's an ongoing situation, but Sinex is helping me stay on top of it.  In addition to cliff jumping, we also swam for a while. The water was plenty warm and great for just staying cool in 100+ degree weather.

Cliff jumping trio
I'm in the middle

Eventually we tired of swimming and headed back into town.  We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of 30 Rock episodes and then headed to dinner at Pancho and Lefty's (also a tradition).  We still had a few hours before Tuacahn, so we played games for a bit back at the condo and then headed over to see "Grease".  They're also doing "The Little Mermaid" this summer, but not on a night that worked for us.

Waiting for the show
Waiting for the show to start

Having never seen all of the film version of Grease, there were a few parts that were new to me, and it felt like maybe a few things got left out either for family friendly-fication or just for time or something.  Sometimes things just seemed to happen without any real motivation for them.  One time a character was singing a song, and at the very end, someone brought her a dog to hold. She held it only long enough to carry it back to the person who had handed it to her who immediately carried it back offstage.  Not sure what that was about.

The legendary July heat at Tuacahn seemed a little more mild this year and I didn't particularly notice any sweat dripping down the back of knees the way I have in years past.  Of the 3 shows we've seen there, I would rank this one #2, ahead of Tarzan, but behind Footloose.

Sunday, we got up and went to a nearby church for sacrament meeting, and then came back to the condo, where I laid around most of the day.  My sinuses were bugging me pretty bad, so I got someone to drive me to a store where I could pick up some meds, but otherwise, I didn't leave the condo until we finally went out for dinner (we bought groceries on Saturday for a bbq lunch).  Some of my lazy activities included games, a movie, a book,  a puzzle, and some serious naptime.  Sometimes I really like a nice lazy day when I'm on vacation.

Monday morning, we got up, cleaned up the condo, got breakfast at Bear Paw (yet another tradition), and hit the road.  Got back to Salt Lake around 2:30, so it was nice to have a little more vacation time to just relax at home.

Hanging with Brother Brigham
Picture with a local celeb after breakfast

Oh, and I did take my camera with me, but just didn't really take any photos. The photos here are courtesy of various other people.

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Liz said...

Sounds like you had a fun time. I enjoyed reading about it.