Monday, July 18, 2011

Y5K #14

Well, another week has gone by without any non-Y5K posts, but hopefully that won't be the case this coming week. Just got back from a great trip to Moab and have some photos to share at some point...Anyway, on with the jogging:
  • Monday: Taking a week off definitely improved my pace today. :)  I dug down deep and picked up at the same level I left off, almost 2 weeks ago, when I did my last "for real" training run, 4 sets of 5 minutes jogging/1 minute walking.  And I ended up going 3.1 miles in 36 minutes, pretty good, considering that I walked for 16 of those minutes.  Anyway, I feel good about how it went, tiredness setting in about half way through set 3, but surviving pretty well to the bitter end without getting too delirious. :)
  • Wednesday: Did another 5/1 split today.  Took a route that was mainly uphill on the way out and downhill coming back. Did 2.9 miles in 33.5 minutes. So still 20 minutes of jogging, but only 13.5 minutes of walking. Must have cut into my cool down time by finishing closer to home than usual. Also got a haircut right before and didn't consider that doing so would eliminate my most effective protection against sweat getting in my eyes. Doh! :) Oh, and then I went and played sand volleyball for a couple hours right after. Which was fantastic for my knees. :) In fact, I didn't have time to ice my knees and feet after either of my runs this week. Thankfully I don't seem to have any lasting knee pain.
  • Friday/Saturday: I drove down to Moab Thursday evening after work, and got back late Saturday evening, so I didn't really find time to do any running, but I did manage to hike 4+ miles on Friday and 3+ on Saturday. So I definitely got my cardio in for the weekend. :) Unfortunately, my right foot seems to be a little worse off for the wear, and both of my feet are still a little tired and sore.  
I'm going out to Grantsville tonight after work for some more quality time with the grandkids, so I may or may not find time to run today. And looking ahead at the week, I'm feeling like I might be hard pressed to get much running in at all. Ah, life.  Guess we'll see what I can figure out. Maybe I'll have to take my running shoes with me down to St. George this weekend.

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Liz said...

We're sure glad you came to Grantsvlle even if it meant giving up your running last night.:) Thanks Jake!