Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidential Dreamin' (On such a winters day...)

Strangely enough, on the night before President's Day, who should appear in my dream? Pres. Barack Obama. That's right. At the casino where I'd been moments before playing $2 blackjack with Stayner at a table using heart-shaped chips (So many holidays combining in one dream, I know!), suddenly a group of my friends were all eating lunch. Actually eating lunch at the blackjack table. Even our dealer was taking a lunch break with us. And that's when the Commander-in-Chief showed up. To eat lunch with us. And the first lady (almost called her Sister Obama). And what was the president eating, you might ask? A Subway sandwich. "$5 Footlong?", we inquired. No. Apparently in Las Vegas they charge more than $5 (at least in my dream version of Las Vegas), like DC/NY/Alaska that are always in the fine print on those ads. He was pretty upset about it.

I so wanted to get him with a good zinger, like "Maybe it's time for sandwich reform", or something, but at the time I drew a complete blank. Dang it. Even now, I haven't been able to come up with anything I really like. Oh well, maybe I'll have one ready for next year's dream.