Monday, July 11, 2011

Y5K #13

Remember when I was planning on running a 5K sometime this year? Yeah... I kind of do, too. Just not so much this past week. :)  I mean, granted, the Ray Barrus 5K was on Monday, so that counts, just not for this blog post.  But that was all the running I did last week.  Wednesday night I went for a nice long walk, and I kind of planned on jogging on Thursday, but I decided to play volleyball instead (for 2.5 hours!), which left me with some tired knees and other various soreness, but doesn't really count as running.  Friday I went out to Grantsville right after work and Saturday I got back around 2 and just didn't find the motivation to go. 

Anyway, as of today I'll be back to work and hopefully not taking too much of a step back for having taken a week off from jogging.  Now I just need to find me my next race. Maybe something in late August....

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