Friday, July 08, 2011

Old book, New Book #36: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -> The Hobbit


The first time I read HP7, it had just come out, and I was in Europe for a conference for school, and I bought it in Germany and read about 100 pages the night I bought it and the rest (another 500 pages or so) on my long flight home to Utah.  Perhaps due to the rapid manner in which I read it, or maybe because I was up for close to 24 hours, I was surprised at how much of the book came as a total surprise to me this time around.  Which made it a very fun read.  I won't say much about the plot, but it was definitely fun to have a nice month of light reading with Harry and his buddies.

Struggled a bit in finding a new book to start.  I mean, I did read a graphic novel (Neil Gaiman's Marvel history project 1602), but I don't know if that really counts.

Finally, I decided it was time to revisit another classic tale of magic and mystery, Tolkien's "The Hobbit".  With the Lord of the Rings movies coming out back around the turn of the century, I've more recently re-read those (though I may have failed to finished the last half of The Return of the King, I can't remember), but it's been years since I read The Hobbit.  I know the first time I read it, or more accurately it was read to me, by my mother (she used to read us books all the time, great mom that she is) and it was an edition we'd borrowed from our neighbors that had lots of still images from the animated film that used to show on the Disney channel, even though I later came to learn it was not a Disney film.  Anyway, with news starting to come out about the upcoming Peter Jackson live-action film version (and a 2nd film that supposedly fills the gap between The Hobbit and the LOTR films, or something like that), it seemed like now might be a good time to pull another classic down from the shelf.  Luckily, I still happened to have a copy on my shelf.

The Hobbit


Brenda said...

I tried to read LOTR in high school, but couldn't get through them. But the Hobbit I fell in love with. Great book.

Liz said...

Thanks for the compliment. I certainly don't regret the reading times we had when you were growing up. I have some sweet memories. Sadly, you remember them better now than I do. It's been fun to see so much of you lately.