Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Y5K #14

Another atypical week, which seems to be the new typical this month.  I went out to Grantsville both Monday and Wednesday after work to play with the kids before they headed back to Hawaii yesterday.  Might have gone a whole week without running, but found time on Thursday after work. Then Friday I headed down to St. George for the holiday weekend. Here's my one daily summary for the week:
  • Thursday: "Party Jog Anthem: Running through these roads like Drano..." Finally got back out on the streets tonight. Took a new route, so that made it fun, and with some new tunes to keep me company (listened to LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem during 3 of my 4 jogging legs) I felt like it went pretty well. Of course when you're only running once a week, it's not too hard to have energy, I guess. Did a 5/1 jog/walk split (again). Just hoping to maintain in the midst of all that's been going on these days.  Did 2.9 miles in about 34 minutes.
Developed a bit of a sinus situation while I was down in St. George, wondering if it's going to cause problem for me jogging, or if jogging will help clear it up... who knows? Hopefully I can get at least two days in this week. It's already Tuesday and I may be leaving town again this Friday night.

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