Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lauging at Illiteracy #1: Re and Acting

I always laugh when I see people who use the wrong word in a common phrase or think that it's made up of other words than it actually is. Seriously, so blessed! is great at using these, but lately I've just seen a bunch in my daily interactions with people that I know and thought it might be fun to catalog some of the ones that I come across. So today, I bring you the first in a series of "Laughing at Illiteracy". I was looking at some Facebook photos today and saw a picture of someone's hand with two fingers up in the peace sign. One of the comments said, "Haha! Special Shout out to JewBug for re and acting the Thing for us! lol" I had to read it twice to realize that this person thought that reenacting was actually made up of three words: "re and acting". Ah, illiteracy.

Update: Not quite as funny, but another comment on this same photo said, "It's 'Thing' from 'Adam's Family!'" Who is this Adam guy?

Watch This Wednesday #48: And you thought chickens weren't all that amazing

I saw this video the other day and found it to be pretty fascinating. And since it's Thanksgiving week, I figured a poultry-themed video might not be too out of place. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am a Utah Man sir and I live across the green

Still working on finishing up the final bit of writing that my committee has asked for, but in the meantime, I did find time to enjoy the Utah football victory over BYU on Saturday. My good friend Jon, of Spring Break trip to NYC fame, flew down from Seattle with the primary purpose of being in attendance at the game, and thankfully the Utes did not disappoint.

Muss Tailgate
Our game day experience started at the Muss (that's the Utah student fan club) tailgate, where we ate chicken wraps and marveled at Ute fandom.

Long-time Utes play-by-play man, Bill Marcroft
I even got my picture taken with retired long-time Utah play-by-play man Bill Marcroft.

Crazy Lady and Subway Jared
There was a superfan contest judged by no others than Crazy Lady and Jared from Subway (wearing a Utah jersey). From what we could tell it looks like Jared might not be eating at Subway as much any more. Working on a bit of gut. I'm just saying.

Walking down to the stadium
After the tailgate we headed down to the stadium with plenty of time to watch some pre-game warmups.

BYU Fans
Just across the aisle from our seats there was a group of about 20 BYU fans (in the Utah student section mind you). They certainly took a lot of abuse throughout the game, but were wise enough (or maybe just really patient) to avoid starting any physical violence, because things might have gotten really bad then.

Watching warm-ups

Script Utah
Marching Band - Script "Utah"

Louie Sakoda on Senior Night
It was also Senior Night so they had all of the Seniors come out individually. The timing of this was all screwed up, with the PA guy saying their names waaaaay after they had run out and was usually 3 or 4 people behind. It's too bad, we had some great Seniors who deserved better if you ask me. Oh, well. Oh, this picture is of P/K Louie Sakoda who at one point a few years ago was, IMO, the best player on our team.

Putting a stop to the Haka
Now, BYU has a tradition of doing a polynesian war dance called the Haka before their games. As they were lining up to begin said dance, some Utah players took issue with them war dancing on our field, and wandered over to exchange some words.

Putting a stop to the Haka
Before long most of the team had joined them.

Putting a stop to the Haka
And after some posturing, BYU decided maybe it wasn't the right time to being Haka-ing.

Then the game finally got under way, and I really didn't do a good job of taking pictures during the game. For one, I was sitting too high to get decent pictures, and for two, I was too busy watching the game. Here are a couple decent shots:

Louie kicking a PAT. I especially like the way the focus was on the hands near me.

The Muss
Shot looking behind us at the Muss. Actually during a quarter break while some kid was down there shagging punts for cash.

Nearing the goal line
Driving for another TD

Here's Brent Casteel Tip-toeing down the sideline for six

I took this video just hoping to get a shot of the Muss doing their "3rd Down Jump", but it also ended up being a play where DE Paul Kruger made a sweet interception of Max Hall. However, at that point, I stopped filming because I was so excited to watch the game.

Utah went on to win the game in convincing fashion, which meant that we had finished our regular season 12-0 and are pretty much a sure lock to go to a BCS bowl game. And as my personal rule is that if the Utes ever go undefeated and qualify for a BCS game then I have to go out on the field, we made our way down toward the field and prepared to make the 10 foot jump down from the student section.

A quick video of the immediate aftermath of the game.


Post-game celebration
We decided to stop and get pictures showing the crowd on the field

Down on the field
At first, we were just down there, looking for anyone we knew or anything going on.

MWC Champs!
Eventually we figured out that there was a truck over on the far side where they were going to award the conference championship trophy. So we headed over there and watched as Coach Whittingham, Brian Johnson, and Paul Kruger accepted the trophy.

Hanging out on the field

Hanging Out on the Field
Good times

Sean "The Legend" Smith
We eventually made our way off the field, which was kind of slow moving. Along the way, we passed DB Sean "The Legend" Smith who was up in the front row of the student section signing autographs and taking pictures with people and just having a good time.

Anyway, it was a really fun game, although perhaps not as euphoric as the first time we went undefeated and qualified for a BCS bowl. Definitely this team had more ups and downs in their undefeated season than the 2004 team, which certainly led to its share of heart attack finishes over both Oregon State and TCU. I'm excited to see what bowl we end up going to and considering making travel plans to join them. Guess we'll see.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Thoughts on the English Language #19: Resigns vs. Re-signs

Saw this headline today, "New Mexico coach Long resigns after 4-8 season", and at first was thinking that he had re-signed -- signed a new contract. But after a second glance, I'm sure that it means that he resigned -- quit, and actually reading the article confirmed that. I just thought it was interesting that those two words are so close and have such opposite meanings.

Monday, November 10, 2008

FSS Sin Numero

Today at the Big Digital we're breaking out the old FSS tag. This last weekend was fairly eventful. Thursday night I already discussed (see previous post) and the excitement that was Utah's comeback victory over TCU. Friday night I went to the Jazz game with a large group (~38) from my ward. I had a good time driving to and from the game with some girls from my ward. Apparently the Oklahoma City Thunder were not a hot ticket. We got ours for $7 each and they weren't even the very back row or even in the corner. We were behind the basket, but up very high. The Jazz won without really being tested and it was Jerry Sloan's 1000th victory as head coach of the Jazz.

After the game some of us ended up at one of the guys' house and watched "The Man Who Knew Too Little". I fought off falling asleep until just minutes before the end of the movie.

Saturday I slept in a bit, and then worked on a few things (paying bills, preparing a Priesthood lesson). The evening wasn't as eventful as Friday, but I did end up stopping by a friend's birthday party for the pizza and cake portion, skipping the bowling portion that concluded the festivities, and opting instead to meet up with some other friends and check out an indoor soccer game, which was not all that exciting, but did conclude with an exciting last second penalty kick finish.

Sunday I taught EQ, had a home teaching visit, went to a dinner group, and finally to ward prayer, after which I headed home because I wasn't feeling so hot, and also had an early dentist appointment this morning -- got a post put into the root canal to support the permanent filling that went on top of it. So far I'm cautiously optimistic about my dental future.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Another ridiculous Utah victory

Last night I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the Utah-TCU game, where two top-ranked teams met with conference championship and BCS-bowl implications. After a defense slugfest where TCU missed two short FGs in the 4th quarter, Utah had one last drive to finally score a touchdown and win the game. Very similar to the ridiculous finish against Oregon State a month ago (also a Thursday night game, coincidentally). At least this time we were only down by 4, instead of 8, so I guess this comeback was more probable, although still very unlikely given our anemic offense up to that point. Anyway, a great game and lots of fun to come out on top of close ones like that. Here are some highlights from around the Internet, courtesy of other people.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An update to the tooth situation

Went in yesterday and got a root canal, and spent the rest of the day in bed, watching TV shows online. If you would have asked me last night I would have said that the procedure was a total failure, based on the pain I was having last night. I was downing pain pills every couple hours just to keep my sanity.

Luckily when I got up this morning, things were feeling better. Maybe better than before the root canal, which, of course, is a pretty low bar. So far things are going okay today. Not sure I'm ready to eat some solid food, but last night I wasn't even up to the task of eating soup.

So...things are marginally better and trending upward. Let's hope.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Big Digital Has a Toothache

So for about the last year or so I've been having pain in one of my molars and my dentist and his team of assistants have been unsuccessful in fixing it, to the point that for a long time I just gave up on it, and avoided eating chips or at least chewing them on that side of my mouth.

Anyway, about a month ago I had a regular check-up, and the assistant suggested that probably I needed to get a crown on that tooth to fix the problems, so I reluctantly agreed, thinking that if I could get it fixed and be able to eat normally again that would be worth whatever trouble it would be to get it fixed. The first step was getting a temporary crown put on, and then waiting 3 weeks for the permanent crown to be ready. With the temporary crown on, the problems I'd been having continued, but I wasn't surprised because the temporary was modeled after the original tooth. Anyway, I got used to taking Ibuprofen a couple times a day.

Finally, it was time to get my permanent crown on, and that day went pretty well, and the dental team assured me that it might be sore for a day or two, but that it ought to start feeling pretty good soon. This was about 4 days before my defense. I was still noticing some pain in a couple spots and maybe some problems with my bite that were affecting the tooth behind the crown. But as I had my defense coming up, I put that on the back burner for a couple days, and as you may know went on to successfully defend.

The next day I called and scheduled an appointment to get my crown adjusted. Unfortunately it would be over a week until I could get in have that done, but I figured I could tough it out. A couple days later, I was still having a lot of problems, so I called again just to see if there was any way I could get in earlier. Turns out they had had someone cancel that day and I was able to go right in and get my crown looked at.

After checking my bite and making some adjustment, things felt better and I was optimistic that the problem might have been fixed. I ate lunch that day (this was last Thursday) and didn't have any problems. Then that afternoon I just happened to bump my tongue against that tooth and noticed that it was pretty tender and sensitive. I thought maybe it was due to the drilling that had been done on it, and hoped that it would get better as the day wore on. Sadly that was not the case. The tenderness of that tooth continued throughout the day, so much that I called my dentist that night to see if he could look at my tooth again on Friday. Turns out Fridays are dentists days off, but he said he'd be willing to come in after a training that he had in the morning.

Friday morning I woke up at 3:30 am, because of the pain in my tooth, and after taking some Ibuprofen was finally able to get back to sleep for a couple hours. Then I woke up and sat in semi-pain for most of the day waiting to hear back from dentist around 3, when he'd told me that his training would be ending. 3:00 came and went, no call. Finally at 4, I tried to call him. No luck. Finally at 5:30, he called me, and let me know that bad news -- that he had gotten severely ill and was home in bed.

We talked a little about my pain and he said it might be an infection of some kind, or it might be an abscess. Either way he phoned in a prescription for Codeine and Amoxycillin which I went and picked up. I should mention at this point that I hadn't been able to eat solid food since Thursday at lunch, and I was now being told that the earliest I'd be able to get in to see him would be Monday morning. Let's just say at this point I'm tired of eating soup and Instant Breakfast.

Anyway, just called to find out when I could get in, and after trying to push me off to tomorrow morning, I was able to get an appointment for 2:30 this afternoon. Sadly, it sounds like I may be getting a root canal on this tooth that I just paid a lot of money to get a crown on. I hope this is the last time I have to deal with this tooth, and maybe this dentist as well.