Monday, May 09, 2011

Y5K #4

  • Last Monday after work I came home, stopped at GreatClips for a quick trim and the hit the streets for my walk/jog.  So nice to be able to run outside instead of on the treadmill. I really tried to push myself on the jogging sections.  Got a nice 2.4 miles in.  Interested to see how I feel after a rest day tomorrow. Wednesday, I'm stepping up to a 3/2 walk/jog split.

  • Wednesday was another great day weather-wise, so I was happy to do my training outside. And yes, I did step up to the 3 minutes walking/2 minutes jogging level. And let me tell you, I finally feel like I'm really training for something. Something about jogging for 2 minutes straight was definitely pushing myself. And as I was doing my cooldown walk, I thought, "man I might need to start stretching out before these now."  And that was just with 40% (not counting 5 minutes of walking at the beginning and end) jogging time.  Anyway, hopefully I can stick the schedule and continue to make progress.  The increased amount of jogging definitely increased my distance. In about 38 minutes, I went 2.9 miles. So an extra half mile in just 4 extra minutes total.

  • Thursday was another great day outside, and it was a rest/cross train day so I took the dogs for a stroll over to Wheeler Farm and did a little loop around there.  I also ended up playing an hour or so of volleyball after hitting some Cinco de Mayo parties.

  • Friday, I hustled home from work and did another 3/2 walk/jog set.  And I do feel like maybe it was a tiny bit easier than Wednesday.  I was a little more tired overall though and probably didn't go quite as fast. I mapped it when I got home and found that I'd done 2.8 miles in 37 minutes. So I tiny bit shorter than Wednesday.

  • Saturday I was supposed to walk or jog for 30 minutes, and I was just so busy doing laundry and being lazy and going to a BBQ, a wedding reception, and the drive-in (Thor) that I didn't find time. Oh well.

  • Today I'm supposed to step up again to 2.5/2.5 walking/jogging, but I don't know if it's going to happen.  Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. I ended up staying up too late on Saturday when I had to get up at 7 on Sunday morning, and I felt like crud most of the day.  I took a 2 hour nap after church before driving home for Mother's Day and when I came back to Salt Lake around 8, I went straight to bed.  Unfortunately, I only managed to stay asleep until 11:30 or so.  And then I struggled with getting back to sleep. Probably finally feel asleep for good around 1:30 or 2.  And I had to get up at 6:20 because I was taking my car to the shop to get the A/C looked and to get some maintenance done.  Anyway, I didn't bring my exercise clothes to work, because I'm going to have to go back out to the dealership in Murray whenever my car is done.  Also, it's pouring rain outside, so it might be hard to jog outdoors today, even if I didn't feel like I got hit by a truck.  So...I may be taking today off.

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