Monday, May 23, 2011

All Grown Up!

Sessions Cabin

So yesterday was Ben's mission farewell (or whatever we're supposed to call those things now).  And he did a great job speaking. In a few weeks he'll be headed out to Hawaii for the next couple years.  I'm excited for all the experiences he'll have there serving the Lord.

Ben On Rocks

Additionally, Natalie mentioned that she might possibly have a job offer coming that would have her moving out of state in a month or so. (I can't remember if I mentioned or not, but she's just wrapping up her final intern hours for her broadcast degree).  And even if she doesn't end up with that job, the odds of her moving out of the state are pretty high.  Which is probably going to lead to some quiet and lonely holidays around the Tripp house for the next while. Maybe we'll need to start traveling to Hawaii for all major holidays. :)

Natalie at Seal Rock

For a long time they were always "the kids" of the family. So it's neat to see them growing up and doing great things, but a little sad to think they probably won't be around so much in the near future.  Good luck guys!


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Natalie Marie said...

haha I think you found some of the most awkward pictures from my youth...but don't take them down, it makes my ugly duckling to swan transformation so much better! Thanks for the shoutout. And while the holidays might be a little quieter in Gville, you can always come visit me where ever I may roam (I have a job interview tomorrow for El Paso) Although Mexican Drug Cartels vs Hawaiian Beaches...I don't see a very tough decision there :)