Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hawaii Trip #1: Day 4, Part II

I finally got the film from the waterproof disposable camera Meili gave me developed (remember when it just took an hour to get film developed?) and despite having to take most of the photos while contending with waves and just having a little plastic viewfinder, some of them managed to turned out alright.

Hawaii October 2010 (24)
Like I said, one of the highlights of Shark Cove was swimming with big schools of fish.

Hawaii October 2010 (20)
More school pictures

Hawaii October 2010 (10)
If you look close there's a Moorish Idol in this one.

Hawaii October 2010 (18)
That's the state fish of Hawaii. Down at the bottom. It has a long Hawaii name. Or you can call it a reef triggerfish.

Hawaii October 2010 (19)
This fish is yellow.

Hawaii October 2010 (22)
Portrait of the Author as Snorkeler

Hawaii October 2010 (5)
One I took from the tide pools when I was taking a break from fearing for my life. :)

The rest of the photos from the disposable camera are here.

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