Friday, October 15, 2010

Hawaii Trip #1: Day 3

Day 3 started pretty early (Hawaii time, not Utah time) as we (mom, dad, George, and me) got up early and left the house at 5:30 to head to Hanauma Bay for some snorkeling. By arriving before 7 we were able to get in for free and also skip a long video on how to stay out of trouble (don't stand on the reef, don't touch stuff).

My first attempt at snorkeling was when I was 10 and in Mexico and I think I was missing some teeth at the time, so water kept getting my mouth. Last year on my cruise, we did a little snorkeling, but they made us wear life jackets which in retrospect definitely made it harder than it should have been. I mean, yes, I didn't have to worry about drowning, but I quickly found out in Hawaii that snorkeling is basically like floating on your back except easier. As long as you keep air in your lungs it's super easy to just float along and check out what's in the water. And in Hawaii (at least the places we went) there's definitely plenty to see down there. The water was teeming with all kinds of colorful fish. My dad even found a sea turtle for us to swim over and check out. He had a waterproof, disposable camera with him, so we'll have to see how his photos turn out, but for now, you'll just have to take my word for it. Snorkeling is one of George's favorite things to do in Hawaii and I can definitely understand why.

After a full morning of snorkeling around, we loaded back in the car and headed back to Kaneohe. Enjoyed some fun time with the kids and then headed out for lunch and more beach time. We ate at a place called Bob's where I just happened to run into an old friend who was a counselor in my singles' ward bishopric about 6 years ago. So that was pretty random. He also ended up being on the same flight home with us.

For beach time we went to Kailua Beach which is near Kaneohe, and also happens to be the beach that President Obama stays at when he comes to Hawaii for vacation. Anyway, George was really excited about boogie boarding and I was mostly up for being lazy. :) So I played with the kiddos on the beach and took some fun photos.

Kailua Beach
Grandpa Tom building sand castles with Elise

Boogie Boarding
George trying to talk Lucy into boogie boarding

Boogie Boarding
Her response

Kailua Beach
Austin contemplating the vastness of the universe

Kailua Beach
Deciding that really his truck is more interesting than that.

Kailua Beach
Kimi and Elise checking out the water

Kailua Beach
It was nice of Kimi to dress Austin in a color that matched his truck. :)

Boogie Boarding
Lucy could only resist for so long.

We ended the night with dinner at a nearby Italian place. I thought the chicken parmigiana I got was decent if not delicious.

Ready for more ice cream
Austin patiently waiting for his next bite of ice cream.

Once again, I was pretty wiped out after dinner and didn't last too long after the kids went to bed. George and my dad were talking about getting up early again the next day to go snorkeling and I thought there was no way I'd be able to do that, so I said I'd pass, and headed to bed.

More photos from Day 3.

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