Friday, January 20, 2012

30 Post Challenge #5

#5: Something in life that gives you balance

This was an interesting idea for me to think about.  Because first I had to think about whether or not my life actually had balance.  Given that its not something I spend a lot of time thinking about (balance), can I safely assume that my life is in balance? 

So to think about what gives me balance (assuming I have it), means looking at areas of my life that are out of balance, either neglected or overly emphasized, or at least that I might have a natural tendency to overly emphasize or neglect.

And doing that, it seems like the area that I'm most in danger of being out of balance might be a tendency to be very self-centered. Not that I think I'm an ego-maniac or anything, just being single, my own self tends to be the main focus of my attention.  And I could probably do better at finding opportunities to serve others.  Just sometimes when there's no family, and few obvious opportunities through church to serve (my home teaching families are particularly adept at not saying they don't want us to come over, but somehow managing to avoid us month after month), its a little more work to find ways to serve.

So, all that said, I guess I would say that when I do get opportunities to serve at church, be it taking Christmas treats around to our home teaching families (they can't stop us from at least coming to the door with tangerines!), or even just helping out in the Elders Quorum with service and activities. (This quarter's activity: having the guys are coming over to watch a Jazz game. They're married, ok? I'm sure this is more excitement than most of them have had in years.)

So that's at least one thing that give my life some balance, even if it is still probably still out of balance in that sense.

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Liz said...

I always enjoy reading your thoughts.