Monday, January 16, 2012

30 Post Challenge #3

#3: Something with which you struggle

Finally an easy one. :) As opposed to having a hard time coming up with things I'm looking forward to or things I regret, things I struggle with seem easy to come by.  Where to begin? :)

I struggle with not going to bed as early as I ought to. I usually feel like I could go to bed at ten, but if I miss my window, then I seem to find my second wind and end up staying up til 11:30 or 12. Or later if I find something interesting to do in the meantime.

I struggle with wanting to be "out there", being social, so that I can meet people to date. Its not that I don't like social interaction, but some of these events just don't seem very conducive to meeting people and yet sometimes I worry that if I don't go then I won't be able to meet new people that I'm interested in dating, and I'll be stuck with blind dates with people who I'm definitely not interested in.

I struggle with eating more than I need to. Not that I "pig out" often. Just between the diabetes and a desk job, I really don't need to eat all that much.  Even when I am doing a good job of regular exercise.

I struggle with making time to read the scriptures every day.  I do pretty good most of the time, but I'm sure I would do better if I could make myself get up earlier and have a dedicated spot for it in my day.  As it is now, I just have to make it a priority when I get home from work.

I struggle with dating, in a variety of ways. I still get nervous to call girls that I'm interested in and ask them out. Even in the instances where they DO go out with me (and certainly not every girl that I call does that), I then worry about whether or not they're interested in going out a second time.  When they DO seem interested, then I worry that I'm going to end up not being interested in them for some reason.  So I struggle with continuing to be optimistic and hopeful.

I struggle with staying on task at work. When I have things clearly laid out for myself to work on, its pretty easy, but when I finish a project, or I am waiting to hear back from someone (which happens a lot) I am not the best at making myself think of what else I could be working on.

I struggle with feelings of loneliness, even when I know there are a lot of people who care about me.  Just would like to have a best friend who won't eventually get married or move away or whatever, a.k.a. a wife. :)

I struggle with buying anything that costs more than $20.  My work pays me well and I can afford most of the things I would want to buy for myself, but after a decade of being a full-time student, I guess I just got used to being conservative with my money.

I struggle to find time to listen to all of my podcasts and new music. I love my Bill Simmons podcasts, and I love PTI, and I love This American Life, and I love the Slate Political Gabfest, but I only commute about 50 minutes a day, so to keep up with everything, I have to find other times during the week to listen (sometimes when I work out, but I've been riding the bike so much lately, and talk radio just doesn't cut it on the bike)

I struggle with finding things to work toward. Now that I'm done with school and into a "career" job, sometimes life can get to feel like its kind of the same old thing every day. Go to work. Come home. Exercise. Read the scriptures. Find something fun to do for a couple hours. Go to bed.  Last year's running kick came in part from a desire to have something to work toward. Another thing I've thought about doing is taking piano lessons. But I don't really have a piano. Guess I could learn with a keyboard (I think there's one laying around our house somewhere), but somehow that seems kinda lame. :)

I guess that's probably a long enough list of the things I struggle with for one day. :)


Marble Madness said...

I second many of these! Seriously, I think that I could copy word for word on many of these. Currently I'm trying to find a way to make my list of "things I struggle with" things I can work toward... Challenging :)

Larissa said...

I have some of the same struggles. Good list - honest list. Thanks for sharing:-)
PS - my verification word is "boxing" - perhaps a new skill for you to acquire? ;-)

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing, Jake.