Monday, August 22, 2011

Y5K #18

Finally, a week with 3 days of running again. I'm continuing to raise the bar every 3rd run, albeit ever so slightly.
  • Monday: Sitting here sweating up a storm after another 6.5/1 day.  Definitely have more energy when I take 4 days off instead of running a 3rd time in a week. :)  Definitely my furthest run yet: Just a smidge short of 3.5 miles in 38.5 minutes.  Run 7 minutes on my last leg mostly because I didn't want to check my watch until I made it to a place I had in mind.  Good run today. I'll take it.
  • Wednesday: Due to some extenuating circumstances, I was a little pressed for time this evening, so I decided to do a 7/1 split, but only do 3 legs instead of 4.  So I figured I could push a little harder than I usually do, along with running a loop that ended mostly uphill.  I got back to the start of my loop with a minute left on my 3rd set, so I just went a little further and then walked back when my running was done.  Ended up doing 3 miles in just under 31 minutes.  Hopefully I can get back to doing 4 sets next time, but I'm glad I at least got a run in today.
  • Friday: So, last night (Thursday), I went and played volleyball for 3+ hours and I loved every minute of it, but this morning I was definitely feeling my age. Back, ankles, legs, and especially knees were stiff and sore. Guess I need to start icing after volleyball, too.  In any case, after work today I was not in the best mood for a run.  Considered getting up early tomorrow morning before I head off for fun times, but in the end, I just said "let's do it, and hopefully the consequences aren't too bad".  So I did a 7/1 split again today, a full 4 legs, and although they were a little slow (just over 3.5 miles in just under 41 minutes), I got 'er done, and that's what I feel best about.  Now I just hope I can still walk tomorrow. :) Now for some quality time with some frozen peas... 
Thankfully, my knees were doing alright Saturday morning, which was good because I did a fair amount of walking in the morning at Lagoon.  Feeling pretty good today with 2 days off, and looking forward to getting 3 more runs in this week.

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