Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Summer Hodgepodge

So, rather than make several separate tiny entries, I just wanted to share some random stuff from the summer that hasn't made it on the blog yet:

While George was still in town, we had an extended Tripp family gathering at the Benson Grist Mill complex in Stansbury, and had a good time eating and socializing. I got a couple good pictures there.

Tripp Family Party 012
Elise picking flowers

Tripp Family Party 019

Tripp Family Party 023
The kids on a horseless wagon

The next morning, I took this fun video of George and (George) Austin:

And then later that day, Lucy recorded me and Austin singing the fireworks song that I made up on the 4th:

Some pictures I took from other people's Facebook accounts:
Delicate Arch Group Shot
Group shot at Delicate Arch

Long arms are great for self-portraits
A fun group shot from Sand Hollow

Lava group shot
"Silly" group shot from Lava Hot Springs


Natalie Marie said...

I love that as soon as your firework song is over youtube automatically assumes I want to watch Katy Perry's Firework

Liz said...

I love those pictures and videos. Great pictures of the grandkids and I love the sunset picture at Benson Grist Mill. You should enter it on a news station--maybe that has to be done within a day or so of taking the picture.