Monday, August 15, 2011

Y5K #17

The running continues...
  • Monday: Busted out another 6/1 split tonight. Ended up running after dinner rather than before, which wasn't my favorite, but it was cooler out than when I usually end up running so that was nice. Not quite as sweaty as I sit down to map out my run. Did 3.24 miles in 37 minutes.  Didn't hate life too much when I was done. I'll call it a win. :)
  • Wednesday: Was not feeling it today - a little sleepy, had some weird foot pain during the day (I think due to walking around barefoot on the hard ground at Raging Waters last night). Anyway, I eventually made it out the door and gave a 6.5/1 split a shot. And I survived! When I first started jogging, after my warm-up, I felt like I was running like an old man, but eventually I felt like I was back to my normal trot, at least for most of the jog. The foot pain only popped up once or twice on my run which was nice. Hopefully it's a one day kind of thing.  Running a little bit more, I went a tiny bit further, but in about the same amount of time. 3.35 miles in 38 minutes.  Doing a rough estimate of the non-warm-up/cool-down portion, looks like 2.8 miles in 29 minutes (26 minutes jogging and 3 minutes of walking breaks in between).
 And that was it for running this week. I played volleyball and swam on Thursday night for Brandon's birthday, and then Friday I went up to Bear Lake for camping and boating and sitting in the sun.  Got home in the early evening Saturday but could barely keep my eyes open. Hoping for at least 2 days of running this week. Maybe 3 if I don't get too busy on the weekend...

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