Friday, March 27, 2009

Bullets (sans Butterfly Wings)

Just a few notes on my week:

Had another doctor's appointment on Wednesday to confirm what tests had shown. Resulted in getting referrals for two more appointments with specialists.

Sat down with a car salesman on Tuesday and decided that, yes, in fact, they are no fun to deal with. Hopefully tomorrow morning goes better. If not, I may still buy something anyway. Got pre-approved today for a loan.

Settling in at the new place continues. We got Internet/cable turned on this week and it was nice to watch parts of two Jazz games this week, as well as having Internet. Caught last week's Lost. Still one week behind.

Investigated noisy desktop. Looks like I've got a bad fan motor on my power supply. Might call for some hardware-style nerdiness. Not really my forte, but doesn't seem like it's too crazy of a thing to replace.

Had a planning meeting with some friends to plan a vacation. Looking at possible Caribbean cruise in August. Still waiting to hear on family vacation. Hopefully PTO doesn't become an issue.

Still dealing with clean-up/clean-out issues at the former apartment. Because I'm the one that management trusts they want me to do a walk-through with them on Tuesday next week (the 31st). Just found out that one of my roommates can't move until then. Also, he's the one with two cars, two motorcycles and a snowmobile. Somehow I'm guessing that might not all be out by Tuesday afternoon. Let's hope so.

Can't remember if I mentioned this here or not already, but I DID get final approval on my dissertation from my supervisory committee, so now I'm down to just getting approval from the Thesis Editor's office. Unfortunately, I also need signatures from two people who happened to be out of the country until next week. Hopefully by middle of next week I can get that all printed and dropped off for initial review.

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Rachie said...

I LOVE dealing with car salesman. Seriously. I helped my friend buy his new car (and by "helped" I mean "I did all the talking while he sat there and played on his Blackberry") and we walked away with a ridiculously awesome price, basketball tickets for him, free oil changes for a year, and a free tank of gas--for me.

Congrats on the new place and getting the all-important cable/internet set up!