Monday, March 23, 2009

I moved (and other assorted ramblings)

For those of you who only follow my life via my blog (does that statement categorize anyone?), you should know that I moved last week to a pretty sweet abode that affords me a spot in a garage and a spacious living room with a brand new sectional. And no, I didn't buy this home, but I'm only paying a smidge more than what I was paying at my old place, so hopefully I can start saving up for buying important grown up things like a new car, a place of my own, and possibly more medical care (a topic for another day).

However, due to my move, I do not currently have internet access at home, so I'm posting this from work (after my work hours for the day, mind you).

More from the good and exciting news front, last week my supervisory committee gave me the thumbs up on my last draft of my final chapter and I now have the green light to go to the Thesis Editor and receive a thorough pen-lashing about tabs and spacing and page numbers and who knows what else. Hopefully nothing too drastic. So, probably by the time I'm walking this Spring, I will actually have finished doing whatever needs doing to be really graduated.

Good times.


Colette said...

I am finally at the point where I am done and turning everything in to be thrashed and torn apart. So I am here for you - and I hope that it isn't too ugly for you!

lovestrong said...

Yes. That statement categorizes me. I only know if you're dead or alive through your blog. Yay for new places and sectionals.

Melissa and Tyler said...

Jake, you make it mighty easy to never, ever want to go for a doctorate! Hours and days and weeks of work on a thesis that is sure to get a pen lashing--icky pooh!!

CJ said...

Congrats on both, bud. Big, big moment on the thesis. I'm excited for you to have it finished, bound, and resting on a bookshelf in your office. Well done!