Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just an Update

My twice-a-year blogger brother recently chastised me for not blogging enough lately, so here's a quick update on my life:
  • Working full-time, but things are kind of slow right now for me, as I wait for other, busier people to have time to decide how they want me to do the work they've assigned me.
  • Due to persistent abdominal/side/back discomfort/pressure/pain, I'm having trouble sleeping most nights (though not last night, thankfully). I have an imaginary chain of paper loops in my mind, counting down the days until my doctor's appointment under my new job-subsidized health insurance coverage (six!)
  • I'm thinking hard about buying a new car, but first I need to register my current car under my name, as my parents recently "sold" it to me (for $10) so that I could trade it in or sell it. Not sure if the time/money to have it re-inspected, registered, get new plates, etc. will pan out to be profitable in the end or not, but let's hope so. :)
  • Going to be moving in a couple weeks. Excited about a change of scenery. Not excited about packing and moving, but it should be a good time to dump some stuff that hasn't been unpacked in the two years since I last moved.
  • Sent a draft of my last dissertation chapter to my committee chair last Thursday. Haven't heard anything back yet. Hopefully I'm getting close to finishing that up. I'm meeting with him today for work-related reasons, so maybe I can ask about it there.
  • Enjoying the slightly warmer weather we've been having, and looking forward to spring.


George said...

Maybe while you're laying awake you should blog more to pass the time.

Natalie said...

I agree, you blog is lame now that you have a job, but Jake's right Geo you're not the most dedicated blogger yourself

Matt and Marti Jo said...

where are you moving to?

j said...

@My family: Thanks for your sympathy.

@Marti: I'm moving into a house down by Fort Union.