Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Big Digital Gets an...Eyebrow Trim??

Yesterday I went to my local GreatClips to get a haircut, as is my custom. Of course, its always a crap shoot in terms of quality. But its close, and I don't feel as creeped out as I sometimes do at the $4 place by the University. Anyway, this time I was less than thrilled with the skill of my barber (stylist?). I always get nervous when they're using the clippers on the sides and back and can't seem to do a very smooth job of it, when the clippers feel like they're bouncing off my head as they get rammed against it.

But, beyond the apparent incompetence of the lady cutting my hair, as she was wrapping things up, she did something that in all my nearly 30 years of haircuts I've never seen done before. She put a comb over my eyebrow and ran the shaver she was using to even up my sideburns over the top of the comb, trimming off any eyebrow hair that was poking out. I wasn't sure that that was what she'd actually done until she did it again on the other eyebrow. Now, I'm not sure that my eyebrows didn't need a trim. I mean, they've never been trimmed before, so if its something that should be done, they were probably due. But its not something I asked for, and they've been feeling a little weird ever since. In the future I'll know to inform them that I'm fine with the length of my eyebrow hair.


ju said...

mostly i like that this post is labeled "head scratcher". i'm all for an eyebrow trim on your male types, but it's definitely something i think should be offered and not forced.

Colette said...

I am not sure on the rules of replying to a comment - but I am going to reply on your blog. So this has nothing to do with your post: The Big Digital Gets an . . . Eyebrow Trim??

Instead . . . Thanks so much for going along with all the statistics talk. That really made me laugh. You are fabulous.