Wednesday, February 07, 2007

If thats moving up...

then I'm moving out.

Yes, its true. In just a few weeks I'll be leaving the friendly confines of Turnberry of Holladay and moving several whole blocks away over to Havenwood of Holladay. Not a huge deal, but it will definitely be a change in terms of having brand new roommates, not being in a complex where lots of singles live, and no longer having my own bathroom (*a tear*).

For the first time in my entire Salt Lake life, I'll be the oldest of the roommates, so maybe that will help me feel old and feel a push to get on with my life. I'll still be in the same ward, so I'll be continuing on as the Executive Secretary, at least for the next few months (Who knows if the typical one year term limit applies to this job? But as Ludacris says, "Do your time, don't let your time do you"). But my hope is that as I'll now be living with guys in my ward again, that I might actually do stuff with them socially and that maybe they'll be around in the evenings. Lately I've started feeling like I live alone, and while I know that some people enjoy that, its not really my bag.

In the interim, my goal is to spend some time on Saturdays de-junking my closet so that I have less stuff to move, and then probably the last week, start packing everything up to have it ready to go for moving day.


Kirsten J said...

One of my really good friends lives there with a few girls.

Turnberry has an interesting dynamic. My friend's stories make me glad to be married.

You're probably in her ward. Were you in the 6th Ward with me a couple years ago?

My comment is stupid. Sorry.

j said...

I was in the 6th Ward from Fall of 2000 to Spring of 2003. Regretably I can't say that I remember having known you.

As for Turnberry, who is your friend? and what is the "interesting dynamic" that you speak of?

Ashley said...

congratulations on the move. It always feels so liberating to pack things up, get rid of things, and start over.

Jennie said...

I am thinking about moving to Turnberry, yeah I want to know more about the whole "interesting dynamic" comment.

j said...


I can't speak for what Kirsten was talking about, but if you have any questions about Turnberry you can go ahead an ask them. I lived there for nearly 3 years and still have friends living there. For the most part, I really enjoyed living there.