Monday, February 12, 2007

I could use some Relief

Given that I'm moving in a couple weeks, and that I've been in 4 Elders Quorum Presidencies, I've been thinking about the whole dynamic where people call the Elders Quorum to ask for help moving stuff. I've been involved in tons of these moving projects over the years and I'm having a thought now. If you can call the Elders Quorum to help when you are moving, is it appropriate to call the Relief Society and ask for them to come help? Like to help box up my stuff? or to clean up my apartment after everything's out? or to make sandwiches and lemonade? I know that most sisters have no qualms about calling up the brethren to ask for help in these situations. Would the converse be acceptable?


lovestrong said...

It seems like you should be able to obviously say yes - and you probably could. But it could be controversial. Hmmmm....what an interesing question you've posed.

Kirsten J said...

If someone asked that exact question in church...maybe Sunday school...I don't think many people would have a problem with it. But if you just called the RS pres and said "look, could you please come scrub down my apartment after I leave? That'd be great. Thanks" I think it might ruffle some feathers.

I feel like helping! I have fun cleaning supplies. Still need help?

j said...

A better question is, "Need help yet?" and the answer is "No, not yet". I'm just today starting to be serious about getting ready.

Right now I'm getting my old computer ready to give to my sister as she prepares to graduate from high school. (But I'm also getting it ready to not be taking up valuable closet space as well.)

As for the cleaning, given that I'm leaving 2 roommate here in my wake, I thankfully won't have to be involved in a top to bottom scrub down of the place, so it'll probably just be a touch-up in the bathroom (I cleaned it well recently), and a vacuuming of the room. Not bad, eh?

Geobadger said...

My experience is that having the relief society box things up is realy just a service to the Elder's quorum so they can show up and feel productive about moving large heavy objects instead of having to vacuum or stand around waiting for the owner of a bunch of garbage to decide if she wants to keep it. You could call the relief society but only if you're a loser who can't manage his own personal possessions.