Friday, November 30, 2012

August of Awesomeness: Hawaii Day 5

Our fifth day in Hawaii was Sunday, and, at least compared to the other days of our trip, it was a day of rest.  We were relatively lazy until church time, and had dinner with George's family after church.

And then we did a somewhat traditional Hawaiian Sunday drive. At least I've done it once before.  We drove up to the Pali Lookout and then over to Punchbowl, and then up around Tantalus Drive, the same way that we did on my first Sunday in Hawaii.

Hawaii - August 2012 103

Hawaii - August 2012 115

Hawaii - August 2012 120
Pali Lookout

Hawaii - August 2012 127
Somewhere on Tantalus

This time was a little different in that we stopped and took a little hike up through a bamboo forest (that both looked and sounded really cool!), and then afterward we swung down to downtown Honolulu and saw the Iolani Palace and the King Kamehameha (as Brandon would say King Kame-hame-ha) statue.

Hawaii - August 2012 134
Near the start of our hike

Hawaii - August 2012 138
Cool Bamboo Forest

Hawaii - August 2012 141

Hawaii - August 2012 148
At that one park near the end of Tantalus where you can take great photos

Hawaii - August 2012 152
Hail to the King!

Also I sprained my ankle in such a hilarious fashion that when I finally recovered enough to stand up, Cara had turned away in tears from trying not to laugh.  Just from my experience when you feel it roll and you hear it pop, its time to get all your weight off of that thing.  Apparently me going down like a sack of bricks was entertaining. :)

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