Monday, November 26, 2012

August of Awesomeness: Hawaii Day 3

We decided to spend our second full day in Hawaii over in the Waikiki area.

We started the day driving over to Diamondhead, the crater of an extinct volcano where there used to be some sort of military installation.  There's a little park in the middle, and a trail that takes you up to rim overlooking Waikiki and Honolulu and the ocean.  Pretty quick hike, though the additional humidity over what I'm used still had me sweating before too long.  There's a nice view from the top, and i was worth doing once, but I don't feel like I NEED to do it again.

Hawaii - August 2012 019
From the top of Diamondhead

Hawaii - August 2012 028
Cara's the King of the World!

The only other thing we had planned for that evening was the weekly fireworks show at the Hilton after dark, so we just decided to hang out down in Waikiki the rest of the day.  We spent a couple hours walking past ABC stores, and checking out the international market place, and then found a place we could park all day and picked out a spot with a little shade on the east end of Waikiki beach to hang out.  We took the boogie boards out for a bit, but mostly we just ended up laying around napping and reading and being lazy for most of the day.

Hawaii - August 2012 034
Looking through some banyan trees at a yoga class on the beach

Hawaii - August 2012 047
Our hanging out spot

At one point we took turns walking into town for lunch, and toward the end of the night, Brandon and I stopped to watch a little bit of beach volleyball that was starting up. Eventually we drove over to the west end of Waikiki and after a few tries at figuring out the one way streets over there, were able to find a parking spot and walk over to the Hilton.

Hawaii - August 2012 050

The fireworks didn't seem to last quite as long as they had the year before when I was there, but they were still fun.

Hawaii - August 2012 070

Hawaii - August 2012 071
Fireworks through the palm trees

Afterward we were all ready for bed, so we headed home, possibly grabbing some dinner on the way. At this point I don't quite recall.


Natalie Marie said...

I filmed a standup narration for my documentary on the rock outcropping barrier in your "hang out spot" picture

Singleton said...

Those are amazing fireworks!