Tuesday, November 27, 2012

August of Awesomeness: Hawaii Day 4

Our 4th day in Hawaii was Saturday, and the big things we had planned for the day were: Pearl Harbor, the swap meet, and babysitting kids while George and Kimi went out for their anniversary. 

We had reserved Pearl Harbor tickets (to go out to the USS Arizona memorial) online (for $1, I think) but still had to pick them up an hour before the scheduled tour time, which was ok, because there were a few museum buildings to wander through and see artifacts and diagrams and watch some movies about the attack and other surrounding events.

A few things I thought were interesting there:

Hawaii - August 2012 077
A pennant from the USS Utah

Hawaii - August 2012 080

Hawaii - August 2012 079
A rough draft of FDR's "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" speech

Before long it was time to go into a theater to watch the "official" visitor center video (I'll be honest, I slept through a lot of it) and then to board a shuttle boat to take us over to the Arizona.

Hawaii - August 2012 093

Hawaii - August 2012 088
This veteran was there being honored in some fashion while we were there.

Hawaii - August 2012 089
Looking over toward the Missouri

Hawaii - August 2012 094
This guy was driving our shuttle back to shore and commented on the Utah shirt I was wearing, said his brother had played football at the U. Turned out it was Nai Fotu's brother.

Hawaii - August 2012 098
They give you more time for taking good photos on the way back.

I didn't take any photos the rest of the day, but I can tell you that Brandon thoroughly enjoyed the swap meet, especially the T-shirt stands and he bought lots of them. He even bought all of us (George and Kimi, too!) T-shirts.  I picked up a couple beach towels, and that was about it.

We ended up getting late lunch at a nice local place in Kaneohe called Fresh Catch which was going to be featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives just a few days after we were there.  Everyone got fish but me, but my meat and onions dish was pretty tasty, too.

Babysitting wasn't too bad either as there were 4 of us and 4 kids.  I mostly took care of Cole: fed him dinner, changed his diaper (successfully dodged when he tried to pee on me), and the other kids were pretty well entertained by iPads and iPhones. :)

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The rough draft of the FDR speech is fantastically cool!