Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hawaiian Thanksgiving, Day 5

Monday morning, mom and Kimi had signed up for a class at a botanical garden over in Honolulu somewhere, so Dad and I got babysitting duties for the morning (minus Lucy who had to go to school).

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 055
Hanging out with Coley Moley

After a nice relaxed morning, we eventually loaded up the kiddos and drove over to the much closer botanical gardens in Kaneohe with our objective being to feed bread to ducks and fishes.  The gardens were super lush and beautiful and we kind of had the place to ourselves for the most part. We found what we thought to be the right path down to the lake, and we were certain we'd found the right spot when a herd of ducks and other birds approached us and followed us around until we found a table to sit down at and commence with the feeding.  Along with the ducks there were some coots and one large goose.  All very tame and friendly, though the goose was a little scarier than the ducks, perhaps just because of its size.  We had such a good time feeding the birds that we never actually ended up feeding the fish. Once our loaf of bread was gone we headed back to the house.

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 062
Feeding the birds

In the afternoon, after Mom and Kimi were back, I convinced Mom and Dad to go for a little hike with me, to a lighthouse at Makapu'u Head.  Not a super long hike, but we were grateful for the overcast sky as the whole hike was unprotected from the sun.  Definitely interesting scenery, as we were over on the deserty side of the island. Lots of cactus, and it was interesting that people have taken to writing "graffiti" on the cacti.   Not sure what means they use to go about it, but lots of love notes and class of 2011 rules, etc.

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 087
Cactus Graffiti

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 090
The Lighthouse

Eventually we made our way up to the end of the trail, and probably the best view of the hike, looking back toward Kaneohe from up on the point.

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 107
Looking back toward Kaneohe

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 106
Rabbit Island aka Manana Island

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 111
Rebecca + Kristian 4Ever

Don't remember many specifics from that night, other than just hanging out and playing and having a short Family Home Evening lesson.


Julie said...

I always admire that little children try and get the bread in the duck's mouth and then get scared and pull away.

Liz said...

Fun pictures! It was fun to watch the duck feeding since I wasn't there. I also enjoyed the lighthouse hike pictures even though I was there. Dad found out it was almost 2 miles each way and steep so I figured we got good exercise that day. Cute picture of Colay Molay.