Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hawaiian Thanksgiving, Day 4

Day 4 of our trip was Sunday, and it was an extra special Sunday because we got to go to church, not just once, but twice! :)  Lucy goes to school at the Lutheran school next door to their house, and sometimes the school kids get to sing at the church's Sunday service. So we got dressed and walked over to the Lutheran church for their Sunday meeting. Pretty sure it was my first time at a non-LDS church. I was complemented by the greeter on how "classy" I looked in my white shirt and tie.

Definitely a different meeting than an LDS sacrament meeting. The pastor (preacher? reverend?) would say some prayers and sometimes we (the congregation) would join in by saying some of the lines. There was a projector screen with powerpoint where the words would be for us to say.  We sang some hymns, one of which was "How Firm a Foundation", but with somewhat different lyrics, and totally different music. Another was a hymn I didn't know, but the tune was one that we use in the LDS church for a different hymn. So that was interesting.  Lucy sang a couple times.  For a while, they took all the kids in the congregation over to one of the other buildings for a while. Someone got up and read some scriptures.  The pastor gave a bit of a sermon.  There was an opportunity to make a donation. Kind of a mix of all the stuff I'm used to in 3 hours, condensed into 1.  There was a potluck afterward where I had a cookie or something, I think.

Then it was back home for some more hanging out while we waiting for the LDS church meetings.  Which was pretty much what I am used to. Fell asleep for a bit during Sunday School.  One interesting thing was chatting briefly with the full-time missionaries that were there, as they seemed to know Ben or at least had heard of him.  Kind of weird that he's in the same mission where George lives. Definitely different than my mission experience, but I imagine that every mission is different in its own way.

After dinner, we went home, had dinner, and spent more time hanging out and playing. I spent some time hanging out with Elise and Austin while they rode their bikes. Austin has a "helmet" that's actually a deflated kickball that he wears while he rides. Its good that he's happy with it, because apparently they only have one real helmet and Elise wears that. :)

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 037

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 046

Hawaii - Thanksgiving 2011 047


Julie said...

Deflated kickball - clever.

Liz said...

Great pictures of Austin and Elise!