Monday, December 05, 2011

Hawaiian Thanksgiving, Day 3

Well the good news is that my last post may have actually inspired George to post some of his better pictures from  Hanauma on his family's blog.  The bad news is that I only have 1 picture from Day 3:

View from our room at Hale Koa

And yes, it's pretty much the same view I posted for Day 2.  But I'm sure we still had fun on Day 3.  We got up and started our day with a delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel.  They had an omelet station, a place to make waffles, some of the best sausage links I've had, a variety of pastries and other things. Anyway, it was a great breakfast. And then we went back to the pools.  George and Kimi rented some stand-up paddle boards while we watched the kids at the pools.  Eventually I made it over to the big pool with Lucy and we had a good time playing there.

We finished up at the pools in time to get back to our rooms and get packed up in time for checkout.  Then we headed back to Kaneohe and had a fairly lazy afternoon.  Through the magic of the internet we were able to watch Utah's snowy game against Washington State, as well as Utah State's game in the office in George's house.  Both games ended up going to overtime and both Utah schools ended up winning, so that was pretty fun.

I think after that we must have eaten some dinner (navajo tacos? that was either this night or the next) and hung out and played games with the kids and eventually gone to bed, since I don't really remember any specifics.

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