Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week-o-Vacationing 2011 Day 6

After a brief break from vacationing on Day 5, Friday I was back on the road. But not until I first went to work for the 2nd day this week.  That's right, somehow in the midst of all this vacationing I managed to work two whole days. :)

Anyway, after work, I hustled home, ate a quick dinner, packed up my stuff and was ready to hit the road for trip #2 of the week: Jackson Hole!  Another first this summer.  But Friday we didn't actually go to Jackson Hole. We drove most of the way there, stopping for the night at a Marriott in Rexburg, ID.  I was pretty beat at this point in the week, having still not recovered much from driving to California and back, and spent part of the drive up sleeping, and when we got to the hotel, pretty much everyone else hit the hot tub, and I just went straight to bed.

So really I guess Day 6 may have been the least exciting day of the week.

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