Friday, September 23, 2011

Week-o-Vacationing 2011 Day 5: No vacationing, just football

We got back from California/Las Vegas around 5-ish on Wednesday night, and I spent most of the night catching up on things from while I was away (email, RSS, dealing with some photos, etc), and then I went to bed and Thursday was just a normal day. Except, not exactly. The one night that I was home this week was actually the University of Utah's opening football game.  The last few years the U's been playing on Thursday before Labor Day weekend so that fans can have both football and their Labor Day vacations. Often we've played in-state "rival" Utah State, but we haven't played them the last few years. This year, seeing as how we've moved to the PAC-12 it was only fitting to start out with a I-AA patsy, and the Utes beat up on Montana St in the first half and then pretty much shut things down for the 2nd half.  Not the most exciting game ever, but sometimes it's ok to not keep things close. :)

Anyway, even though there was no vacationing, it was still an out of the ordinary day.

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