Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Summa summa summa time

Sometimes I don't blog because I don't have anything going on. Other times, like now, it seems like there's been so much going on that I'm not entirely sure where to start. I've got a few pictures from various recent happenings that I can share, but they don't entirely cover everything either. Anyway, here's some catch up on some of what's been going on lately.

One highlight of June was having George in town with his family. His family is still in town, but he's since moved on to Hawaii, getting started with work while his family waits here since their belongings are somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Father's Day we had everyone over at the house, and it was a great time playing with the little ones.

Family - June 2010 012

Family - June 2010 010
Elise doing flips

Family - June 2010 029
Austin and Elise on the slide

Family - June 2010 030
Natalie and Lulu

The next week, it was my dad's work Lagoon Day, and Meili and her daughter came with me. I got to ride some kiddie rides for the first time in a long time (and actually found Oddyssea to be pretty enjoyable), and also rode Wild Mouse about 6 times and Colossus probably 4 or 5 times.

June 2010 - Lagoon 003
Riding Puff with Lucy

June 2010 - Lagoon 016
Grandkids at lunch. What's Austin doing?

June 2010 - Lagoon 018
Oh. He's pushing cheese through the holes in the table. :)

June 2010 - Lagoon 021
Funny faces on the Sky Ride

My 4th of July weekend was also full of fun stuff. Friday night, Meili took me out and among other things took me up to the Mount Olivet cemetery across the street from Rice Eccles Stadium at the U. I've driven past it hundreds of times, but never actually been in to look around. There are a lot of interesting things in there. Lots of old graves, and lots of elaborate markers. Lots of obelisks, lots of masonic symbols, even a few cool mausoleums.

3rd of July 2010 001
Yes, she brought me flowers. And you can't see it in this photo, but since we don't own a vase, they're in a big plastic Del Taco cup. :)

Saturday, we got up and went out to Grantsville for the 4th of July parade, followed by a delicious BBQ lunch (chicken, steaks, ribs, corn on the cob, grilled vegetables, etc) with my family. Kimi even brought the kids over to play for a bit. Its always pleasing when Elise wants to sit with me, and Austin greets me with the "Ooo-Rah!" arm wave that I started doing with him in the car back at Christmas time when he was barely 1.

3rd of July 2010 009
If "floats" in your parade include a beat up car with a huge lift, you might be in Grantsville.

Austin was climbing up on the couch and then "jumping" about 2 inches down, and was so pleased with himself that I just had to start filming.

Monday, Meili invited me to join her sister's family boating up at Jordanelle. The water was pretty chilly, but once you got in, it wasn't too bad. I took a turn at knee-boarding (a first for me) before lunch, and then after lunch was the first one out on the tube. I did my best to keep reapplying sunscreen (despite Meili's mocking) and in the end came away with only a few mild sunburns, so definitely a good day for me.

Oh, and in the midst of all this, I got my new home computer up and running and replaced my old one. I thought I might be able to use the old monitor and get a dual-screen setup going, but there's not really much space on my desk, so I might have to just settle for 21 inches of widescreen goodness for now.

Coming up this weekend, I'm going down to St. George with about 10 friends in kind of repeat of last year's trip, and then the weekend after I'll be going camping up at Lava Hot Springs. So, plenty of stuff going on these days.

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What a fun life you are leading! Glad we are a part of it.