Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week o' Vacationing 2009: Day 2

After getting up at a fairly leisurely hour, we piled into the Denali and headed off in search of a breakfast joint called Bear Paw. Surprisingly, it turned out to be just a couple blocks from where we were staying. And the wait for 8 of us to eat breakfast turned out to be around 45 minutes in the end. And yet, I would still say it was worth it. If for nothing else, than for our imagined images of a big chef named "Bear Paw" who makes the special Bear Paw French Toast by shoving the filling in by hand (or by paw, if you will). I got the eggs benedict, and found it quite tasty, as were the seasoned home fries.

After breakfast our plan was to hit the motel pool and get some relaxing in. However, that also seemed to be the plan of about 15 teenagers who had overtaken all the chairs in the pool area. I ran into my cousin and her wife and their kids who were in the kiddie pool, but after a few minutes of swimming, the rest of our group decided that we needed to make other plans for summer heat refreshment.

A couple of the girls had heard good things about Sand Hollow reservoir near Hurricane where you could do some relatively mild cliff jumping and swim. With the "help" of a map from the desk clerk, and some good sign reading, we made it there without incident. And then we headed for the water, because man, it was cooking. Highs were over 110. After about an 8 minute hike we had reached a spot where people were cliff jumping. Half of our party went up to jump, and the other half of us found a nice spot down by the water to start swimming.

Cliff Jumping at Sand Hollow
Photo courtesy of Anna

I don't know that I've ever really spent much time swimming in a freshwater lake, but this turned out to be pretty fun. The water was nice and cool on a hot, hot day.

Swimming at Sand Hollow
Photo courtesy of Anna

After spending the afternoon swimming, we headed back to St. George and regrouped for dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant called Pancho & Lefty's, and while we didn't meet either Pancho or Lefty, dinner was still quite tasty.

Dinner @ Pancho & Lefty's
Photo courtesy of Anna

After dinner it was off to Tuacahn for a performance of the stage musical version of Footloose. It turned out to be pretty enjoyable, even if Ren's angry dance scene didn't include any gymnastic moves. The theater itself was pretty cool, with some outdoor space behind the stage which was utilized for a quick game of tractor chicken, and also included a pond for someone to fall into at one point. The lead was played by some guy who'd been on So You Think You Can Dance and he was a good dancer. I also found the performance of Ren's buddy (Willard?) to be very entertaining.

At Tuacahn
Photo courtesy of Anna

After the show, we slowly made our way back into town with the rest of the audience. I don't recall doing much afterward. I think I was pretty tired out and just went to bed.

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Natalie Marie said...

I wondered if that was Pancho and Lefty's from your facebook pictures- it's a tennis team favorite, every time we were in St. George we had to eat there- great food!