Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week o' Vacationing 2009: Day 1

A week ago Friday (on the 17th), I got off work a couple hours early (don't worry I put in extra time earlier in the week) and met up with 7 friends (my roommates plus 5 girls) and headed off for a weekend in St. George. We all piled into Brandon's brother's Denali and hit the road. We made pretty good time, watched a few episodes of Arrested Development, enjoyed some "Roxanne", and all in all had a very enjoyable trip down.

BB Row

We got to St. George in time to go round up some dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I always enjoying eating there. Got me a kabob. Mmm.

Texas Roadhouse

TX Roadhouse Group Shot
Photo Courtesy of Anna

While we ate, somewhat unbeknownst to me, the girls were having fun practicing their "chin juts" with my camera.

Chin juts

More chin juts?

After dinner, we swung by the St. George temple, which was looking very pretty at night.

St. George Temple

St George Temple Group Photo
Photo Courtesy of Anna

Then it was back to the motel for a friendly game of no-stakes poker. Mel came out the big winner.

Poker Night
Photo Courtesy of Anna

After hanging out and chatting a while, we headed off to bed. Oh, and I should mention that the temperature was still in the 90s in the middle of the night. Thank heavens for air conditioning!

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