Thursday, March 18, 2010

Party like a (Sham)Rock Star!

A year ago, we had planned on having a St. Patrick's Day Party at the amazing new house that my roommate-to-be was buying, but with some delays in the paperwork for closing, we had just barely moved in and the house just wasn't ready. So we moved the party to his parents' house and had a great time there instead (Thanks, Bart and Sue!) Anyway, fast-forward to this year and we decided that the house still needed a good St. Patty's Party. So we had an organizing meeting over pizza, invited friends, and got the double shot set up for the first time since the basement's been finished. Good times ensued!

Some of the few people who ventured up to the Eagle's Landing

Losing to my roommate (who went on to win the tournament) at double shot. Seemed unfair that I had to play him in the first round. He would have been so disappointed if I'd beat him.

Ladies' ping-pong

General sense of fun in the basement

The kitchen squad


Lots of socializing going on on the main floor

Definitely a good time. I'm lucky to live in such an awesome place with awesome roommates and awesome friends.


Julie said...

The color green was really represented well. Always impressive.

Brandon said...

so true. we have awesome friends. (p.s. I didn't intentionally put you up against me in the first round... you were just number 2 on the white board...)

j said...

@Brad: I know. I didn't really mind. I didn't especially care about winning.