Monday, March 08, 2010

Follow-up on Yesterday's Visit to Grandma's House

So last night after taco dinner at the Harden's, and lots of fun times with the grandkids, we finally made it up to Grandma and Grandpa's to start looking through what is there. And believe me there was a lot there. Probably a lot of stuff that no one wants, mixed in with some nicer odds and ends. In reality, it's kind of a surreal experience to be looking at someone's stuff and realizing that a) they're gone and not coming back, and b) we can (and in many cases should) take this stuff for ourselves. Weird, I know.

In any case, I went through the games closet and picked out Rummikub (one of at least 3 that we found there), Boggle, Pit, a box of dominos (again, multiple sets were seen), and a backgammon set. I looked for the cuckoo clock but didn't find it. There are still a few more rooms and closets to dig through, so it may still turn up. If it does, apparently I get to have it. Didn't see the Zorba yet either.

I grabbed a couple books that looked interesting (including a 1922 edition of Jesus the Christ that was a little beat up). Oh, and there are a couple sets of luggage that I guess I'll get one of. To be honest, there's nothing that I feel a lot of emotional attachment to now, though I suspect that in time as these things become all that we have left of my grandparents, I'll probably appreciate them more.

I imagine that I might make another trip up there at some point and just take a little more time looking through stuff and see if any of it would be useful in a purely utilitarian sense (kitchen stuff, toolbox stuff, etc). It's just weird to think about it all in this way.

On a less weird note, I had tons of fun with the grandkids and am jealous of everyone who gets to have their nephews and nieces living nearby.

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Natalie Marie said...

I've seen that cuckoo clock recently, I'll have to find it for you