Sunday, March 07, 2010

I don't just read books all day, you know?

Lest you think that all I do these days is read award winning children's literature, I figured I better sit down and write some kind of post about something other than what books I've been reading lately.

The question really is, what should I write about? Well one thing I wanted to share was a photo of my grandpa who just passed away, together with my grandma who passed away about a year ago. I had forgotten that I had it, and then was looking through my photos in Picasa the other day and found it.

The Hardens

I'm happy that they are together again without the constraints of illness that hampered them quite a bit over the last 10 years.

Tonight, we're going up to their house with my uncle's family to look through their belongings and decide what things people are going to keep and what things will get sold as part of an estate sale. I've been trying to think what, if any, things I'd want of theirs. If my grandpa's old Zorba computer was still around I might want that, as it is identical to the one he gave us that was the first computer we had at home (not counting our TI home computer). Maybe some games (Rummikub, Funny Bones). I imagine the cuckoo clock on their stairs is already spoken for, but that's something I always liked. Used to make them change the time, so it would chime and the cuckoo would come out. :) I don't know what else. Guess when I get up there I'll see.

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