Friday, September 04, 2009

Thank goodness for long weekends

I've been back from my cruise for nearly a week, and don't feel like I've had any time to relax yet (been hiking, to institute and discussion group, a birthday celebration, Utah's opener against USU last night, and going to Grantsville tonight to see my brother play), and have definitely not been doing a good job of catching up on the sleep I got behind on during the cruise. Thankfully, Labor Day weekend will be upon us shortly, and I'm hoping to catch a few extras Z's along the way.

At some point I'll start blogging up some stuff from the cruise, but in the meantime, I'll leave you with this thought:

On our redeye flights to Atlanta and then to Miami at the start of the cruise, I managed to fall asleep before hearing the safety presentations, and then I got to wondering, "Has anyone ever been benefited by the safety presentation?" I mean, how many airplane crashes do people walk away from? And when they do walk away, was it because of careful listening during the safety presentation? Jerry Seinfeld successfully mocked the seatbelt portion ("Oh, lift UP on the buckle. I was going to try to break the metal apart."), but has anyone ever used a seat cushion as a floation device, or needed a "light in the water"? Maybe they have, and I'm just not aware of it. But in the event of an emergency exit, would the flight crew refuse to explain everything to me again, if I'd failed to pay attention during the original presentation? "Excuse me, should I put my oxygen mask on first or that of the child I'm traveling with?" "Sorry, you should have paid more attention earlier..."

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I don't normally laugh out loud when I read things on the internet, though sometimes i do give a curtsy LOL but really this made me laugh right out loud. I'm glad not too many people are around or they would think me strange. ^_^

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