Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cruise Control: Day 2

Today's getting old(er) moment: Being halfway to work and realizing I'd left my laptop at home. Having to turn around and go get it, because without it, what am I going to do at work? Have meetings? Read something on paper? Seriously though, without my computer I really couldn't get anything done. Anyway, that was an extra 30 minutes of commuting that I hadn't planned on.

Our 2nd day on the boat (our first full day), was our "Fun Day at Sea", which basically just meant that we weren't going to be stopping anywhere. So it was kind of a day to get used to being on the boat. We did some laying out in the sun, though it was quite windy, and for about 10 minutes a fairly severe rainshower showed up and forced back inside.

Half of our Room
Chillin in the room

We ate breakfast and lunch at the main buffet. Played some more trivia -- I won at TV Theme songs, but only due to some major assistance from some older ladies who clearly had watched plenty of TV in their time, so I gave them the "Piece of Ship" trophy. Honestly, they got more of the answers than I did. (Gomer Pyle? Dynasty? Johnny Carson? who knows those songs?)

Tuesday night was "Formal Night" for dinner, so we got dressed up and went up to enjoy some more delicious food. Not sure what I ate that night, other than that I got something called Blanc & Bitter for dessert which was a combination white and dark chocolate bread pudding that was delicious, even if mine only had a tiny speck of dark chocolate (a personal fave) in the midst of all the white. Brandon and Kellen weren't feeling too good so they missed out on dessert. :(

Formal Night
Getting ready for dinner

Formal Night
Dressed up for Dinner

Formal Night
Me with the Ladies

After dinner, we took a couple photos, then changed into more relaxed attire, and hit up a dance show put on by the cruise dance group. After that, we wandered around the boat, checking out the dance club where only a handful of people were dancing while probably over a hundred people stood around drinking, and finally ended up on the deck watching a movie (Eagle Eye) for a while before calling it a night.

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