Monday, August 03, 2009

Week o' Vacationing 2009: Day 6

Didn't take my camera on Day 6, so no photos. You'll just have picture it all in your mind.

After two full days playing around Park City, on Wednesday, we headed down into the valley to spend a day at Raging Waters, a place that once held great mystique in my mind. In middle school, we had an after school Science Club whose main draw was that at the end of the year, if you'd been to enough meetings, you got a trip to Raging Waters. I know at least one of the years we went, it was pouring rain the entire time, so not the best, but it was probably better than being at school, right?

Anyway, as an adult, Raging Waters still has some appeal, and it was fun to go with the family. We spent some good time in the Lazy River, and hitting up the slides. I tried my best to reapply sunscreen liberally, and managed to only get mildly burned in some spots on my back that both I and those I drafted to "get my back" managed to miss.

Mom was nice enough to make a Wendy's run to pick us up some lunch, and after working 2/3 of the day, my dad showed up for the last part of our fun.

I had to work Thursday, so after we were finished at the water park, I bid my farewells and headed home, for my first night of sleep in my own bed in nearly a week. This concluded my 2nd vacation of the week, but it was not the last. One more travelogue yet to come!

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