Friday, July 18, 2008

Google search terms that may have led you to this blog

As culled from Google Analytics:

1. mcdonalds characters -- by far my most popular post.
2. 11 kfc -- not sure what people want at KFC that has an 11 in it.
3. big digital *name removed* -- hey some loyal customers
4. discontinued foods -- who knew there was such an interest
5. mcdonald's characters -- not just the regulars, but the ones that that McDonalds actually possesses.
6. discontinued mcdonalds food -- a perfect storm of search terms
7. *name removed* -- hey you found me. Of course I am all five of the top Google results
8. milk keeps going bad -- sorry I don't have any answers for these people
9. old mcdonalds characters -- I hope they weren't looking for the animals from the song
10. 11.kfc -- for those who like their 11 kfc with more punctuation

Other interesting search terms outside the top 10:

19. poptarts with butter - is there any other way, really?
25. "spaghetti bowl" pelicans - although if they had the same experience I did, I'm surprised they didn't leave me a comment
49. arbys magic trick toys directions -- I'm not even sure which post this search would take you to.

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