Sunday, July 06, 2008

FSS 9: Not exactly sure what the 'fin' is of this 'semana'

I'm in the midst of 7 days that I won't be going to my desk. Thursday I went to an old roommate's wedding which was super nice because all 6 of us old roommates were there. Friday was the holiday, followed by the regular weekend, and tomorrow I leave on a short 3-day trip to DC for a short conference.

So I guess today I'll just talk about my 4th of July weekend. Friday morning I got up and headed out to Grantsville to partake of the Grantsville parade that started at 11. My dad was riding in it as a member of the Grantsville City Council. Overall, I felt like the parade was a bit long, and that most of the "floats" were just people with trucks that had signs on them and they threw a little bit of candy. Tooele County Search & Rescue had at least 8 vehicles in the parade, which made me wonder a) how much gas money does it take to support that whole exhibit, and b) what happens if someone needs to be sought and/or rescued while the parade is going on. The highlights were probably the Tooele High marching band (Sorry GHS, but they were clearly superior) and a couple guys dressed as Napoleon Dynamite and his brother Kip, with Napoleon riding his bike, towing Kip behind him on rollerblades.

After the parade, we reconvened back at home for chicken and ribs off the grill, along with corn on the cob and other tasty goodies. I stayed out there until 6 or so, including a good game of "Ticket to Ride" with the special rules that my brother George taught us, which happen to be quite different from the actual rules, but still make for a good game.

After leaving Grantsville, I headed back to SLC for yet another BBQ, followed by fireworks at Murray Park. They were pretty good fireworks and it was fun hanging out with a lot of friends before and after.

Saturday was mostly taken up with errands and laziness. In the evening I went to a friend's parents' house where we played sand volleyball and then enjoyed the pool for a while when we were done.

I didn't take my camera with me at all this weekend, so you'll just have to imagine how everything was. Maybe I'll take some pictures in DC to share with you when I get back. TTFN.

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