Thursday, May 15, 2008

Slowly but surely...

Last night my department had a graduation dinner to honor people who've recently graduated or who will be graduating soon. I was invited to attend. Thats right, I'm in the "graduating soon" category. How soon that will be depends mainly on how much I can buckle down of the next few months and do the writing that I have left to do for my dissertation, but I guess at this point, the fact that I will someday graduate with my PhD in Informatics is pretty much an inevitability. And that thought is still pretty foreign to me. I've been in school pretty much my whole life (not counting the mission), and the thought of finally leaving school behind and getting a "real" job actually feels quite welcome to me.

Anyway, the dinner last night was nice, despite my not feeling like a graduate at this point. My advisor was out of town, but another member of my committee had some nice things to say about me. That was nice, because its rare that I have much interaction with any of the faculty these days, and I don't get much feedback as far as what people think of me and how I'm doing with my project.

My current goal is to finish writing by July, so I can defend in August. I guess we'll see how that shakes out, but I figure its better to shoot for August and miss than to shoot for September and miss, right?

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