Monday, May 05, 2008

Old Book, Old Book #5: Bringing Down the House

While I'm still working on GEB (hence "Old Book, Old Book"), and trust me its something that deserves a good, long read, I recently took a break for some lighter reading, and read the book "Bringing Down the House", the book that served as an inspiration for the recent film "21". Generally when I see a movie that is "based on" or "inspired by" true events, I like to find out the true story behind it. Often I find the true story to be more interesting, sometimes for the mere fact that it actually happened, but usually I just enjoy it better for other qualities.

I enjoyed "21" and I cruised through "Bringing Down the House" in a matter of days, so if you enjoyed the movie, or even if you didn't see it, I'd recommend checking out the book. It does have some adult language, so if thats a problem for you, you might want to skip it.

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