Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chicago Travelogue

I realize I haven't been doing much writing on here lately, and I have to think some of thats tied up in the fact that I've got a lot of writing I need to be doing for school, and if I'm writing here instead of there, I feel a little guilty. Kind of like when I have a lot to read for school, its hard for me to read for fun.

Anyway, today, I'm doing laundry and cleaning up my room a bit, and figured I could take a second to show off some of my Chicago photos, for those of you who haven't already seen them on Flickr, and maybe give a bit more information about what I did.

I went to Chicago for the Fall Symposium of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), a conference that ran for parts of 5 days. During the conference, I spent most of my time at the hotel where the conference was held, and the only fun we had was going out to dinner at night. So most of the pictures I took during that time were at night.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 011
This one I took just outside the hotel on the riverwalk during the day. In the middle is the Trump building going up, which you might remember from the first season of "The Apprentice". The inaugural winner chose to work on the development of this building.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 021
This is the Wrigley Building (Wrigley gum, Wrigley field), and it was located pretty near to where we were staying.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 038
I took this one at night on a walk I went for, down by the lake.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 068
This the old water tower, one of the oldest remaining buildings from this part of town.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 082
I really like this shot looking out across the river from the Michigan Avenue bridge.

After the conference ended, my buddy Chris picked me up at the hotel and took me to his place, not too far south of downtown, and we headed out to see Millennium Park that night. Here's some of those photos:

AMIA 07 - Chicago 103
In the summertime these screens have fountains of water placed so that the water appears to come out of the mouths of the faces that rotate across these screens.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 107
They've got an ice skating rink there, and in the background you can see the "bean" or I think its official name is "Cloud Gate". More of that to come.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 127

AMIA 07 - Chicago 143

Later that night, Chris and I walked over to a bridge near his place that had a nice view of downtown, including the Sears tower, and Chris showed me how to adjust the exposure settings on my camera so I could get a decent shot.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 151

I guess I'll leave off here for now, but I've still got a bunch more to show and tell from my trip.

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