Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chicago Travelogue, Pt. 4: Morning at the Museum

On my last morning in Chicago, I headed over to the Field Museum of Natural History to check it out for a couple hours before I had to head to the airport.

Window Washers
Some window washers I saw along my walk to the museum

Looking toward downtown
Click on this image to see an autostitched panorama that I took from the museum steps of downtown.

This Tyrannosaurus is named "Sue" after its finder and stands on the main floor of the museum.

I paid a little extra to check out a traveling exhibit on maps that turned out to be pretty cool, at least to me. There were some super old maps, and some that were newer. The ones that stood out to me included a book containing John Snow's Broad Street pump cholera map; a map of the London tube system that set the precedent for pretty much every other subway train map I've seen since (big circles for the stops, brightly colored lines for the different lines); and some hand-drawn maps by Tolkein, including Thorin's map that appears in the front of the Hobbit; and a map of Napoleon's attack on Russia that I'd studied before in a data presentation class. Sadly, photography was not allowed in this area of the museum, as I quickly learned.

Anyway, after checking out that exhibit, I wandered around through a lot of Native American stuff, taking particular interest in all the stuff they had from the Northwest, and up into Canada and Alaska -- lots of totem poles and ceremonial masks and pipes. They also had a lot of ancient American artifacts.

Totem Poles
Totem Poles

Native American Mask

Aztec Sunstone
Replica of an Aztec Sunstone

Once I finished with the human stuff, I wandered through their animal displays, including quite a few dinosaurs and fossils.

In the basement I came across about 4 of these Mold-a-rama machines that I remembered from the Hogle Zoo as a kid.



Fossilized Pregnant Ray
This amazing fossil is of some kind of ray (manta, sting, other) that is pregnant.

Woolly Mammoth
Woolly Mammoth

On my way back to Chris's, I took a few more photos of the downtown skyline.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 322

Sears Tower

Phew, well that wraps up this Chicago Travelogue. Now I guess I'll have to find something else to blog about.

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