Monday, November 26, 2007

Chicago Travelogue, Pt. 2: Boat Tour

On my second day with Chris, we headed out for a drive, and swung down south to check out the University of Chicago campus where Chris goes to law school, and then headed up north to see some of northside Chicago, including Wrigley Field.

Driving into town
Driving north into downtown

Its a simple question...
Harry Carey

Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field

After that, we headed back to Chris's place, and then took a walk up Michigan Avenue to the river where we bought our tickets for a boat tour of the architecture along the river. As the boat was about to embark, we only had 4 people signed up for the tour. 4 more showed up at the last minute to bring the group up to a whopping 8. It was cool to be able to wander around the top of the boat looking at whatever we wanted without having to worry about being in people's way.

The tour was perhaps the highlight of my trip. It was just so neat to be able to look up at all the amazing buildings along the river.

AMIA 07 - Chicago 167
Corncob-looking condo buildings

AMIA 07 - Chicago 184

AMIA 07 - Chicago 192
Sears Tower on the left

AMIA 07 - Chicago 196
Our private boat

Scrap Metal Barge
A scrap metal barge that came by

AMIA 07 - Chicago 214
Me and the City

Summer of George
Great name for a boat, right?

AMIA 07 - Chicago 229
Looking back into town from the edge of Lake Michigan

Navy Pier
Navy Pier

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