Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fun with catalogs

There's a Flickr user who scans in old catalogs page by page along with other things. Just in the first few pages I found this picture of a stereo from 1986:

The sad part? My parents still own essentially this exact stereo. Other than a few cosmetic differences, this is a picture of my parents' stereo. I keep thinking we could replace it with something one-fifth the size, but then I think, without the big stereo speakers, where would they keep the phone?


Geobadger said...

Ouch, the truth really hurts sometimes. Also where would we keep all the vintage vinyl?

j said...

My mom and dad said they tried to leave comments here, but somehow they didn't stick. Anyway, they wanted me to know that they actually bought the stereo in 1985, one year before the one in this picture.