Monday, February 06, 2012

More random cellphone pics

Sometimes I take pictures of things that I think are interesting or funny or whatever. Here are some of them:

One per customer
Every time I go through the Drive-In at Carl's Jr. I see this sign for "All You Can Eat Biscuits-N-Gravy" and at the bottom in the fine print (probably not visible in this photo) there's a line that says "Please one order per customer". Which always made me laugh because who's going to order 2 orders of All You Can Eat?  Only after taking this photo and posting it on Flickr did I realize that its actually saying that if there are more than one person, that they each have to pay for an order. So I guess the joke's on me?

Track Jacket (front)
I always enjoy browsing TJ-Maxx to see what random stuff they have for sale.  This University of Utah track jacket seemed like a relatively decent find (I don't remember the price), until I looked at the back...

Track Jacket (back)
I guess its for the person who loves Utah and Nebraska and can't afford two jackets?

Swastika Donut?
Swastika Donut? My boss said its turned the wrong way. Why would he know that?

Mom's Yearbook photo
And finally, was at an acquaintance's house the other night and saw a Skyline yearbook from the early 70s and wondered if that's when my mom was in high school (maybe I should know when she graduated, but I don't).  Lo and behold! There she was.


Marble Madness said...

I liked how it said "biscuit" and gravy... just one biscuit? but all you can eat (slurp?) gravy? :)

j said...

Yeah...maybe because its Biscuit-n-Gravy Sundays? Not sure.

Julie said...

Nice pic of your mom! And I'm glad you looked at the back of the jacket! Classic.

Liz said...

I can always count on you to make me laugh, Jake. Love ya.