Thursday, November 17, 2011

They Might Be Still Alive!

One last post I wanted to get up here before I head out for the islands and miss the snowstorm that's hitting town this weekend:

A couple years ago I went to see They Might Be Giants in concert and had a great time. When I saw they were coming again, its was an easy call to buy tickets again.

And then it turned out that Jonathan Coulton was opening for them.  Granted he's not the most famous of singers, but among a certain population, he definitely does alright. That's right, I'm talking about nerds.  He's most famous for a song ("Still Alive") that's sung over the credits of a video game. :)  I thought that was the only song of his I'd heard, but at least one other song was familiar to me. Anyway, the Salt Lake nerd crew definitely showed up in full force for this show.  In addition to the aforementioned video game song, he also sang a song about an mad scientist in love, and my personal favorite was a zombie song where we, the audience, got to be the zombies. :)


They Might Be Giants then took the stage and put on a show that was a little less mellow and a little more rockin than the last one I went to, and while it was hard to top their last concert, an anniversary show for the first album I ever owned, it was still great fun and I'd definitely go see them again.


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