Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Just some random photos I took with my cellphone

Given that my phone has a semi-decent camera built-in, sometimes I take pictures with it of things I come across that interest me.

These are a few of those:

Farmville for Dummies
Is there another kind? :) Saw this book at the library the other day. Really? Not only does this book exist, someone at the library thought it was worth featuring?

Remember Netscape?
When trying to get the internet in my room to work while I was in DC (eventually I gave up and went to bed, and avoided watching the Utes lose to Cal), I found these instructions that suggest you use your browser, either Internet Explorer or Netscape. Really? How long ago did Netscape disappear? Might be time to update those instructions...

Kick them nasty thoughts
Sorry, it's a little blurry. Also, while in DC, doing the USA Today crossword, I came across the fact that if you get stuck, you can always call a 1-900 number for answers.  My thoughts: 1) Hey! A 900 number that's not trashy. 2) Are there really people who call that thing? At 99 cents a minute, I'm sure they take their time in getting around to the answer you want. Do you have to listen to every answer to get to the one you're stuck on?


Julie said...

Don't the answers just come out the next day? Love the ingenuity.

j said...

But I need to know right now! And I probably don't have the internet.

Liz said...

I got a good chuckle out of your comments on the Farmville for Dummies book.